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Presenting the next revolution in a Portable Braai

Finally… an effective and very comfortable braai-grid raising and lowering system that works well.

This truly unique braai enables infinite height adjustment by simply turning a handle. It is perfectly stable in all positions and very easy to adjust while packed with a heavy load.

You are now able to continually readjust and fine tune your ideal braai height in fractions of 1mm.

Braai and do you potjiekos at the same time.

360 Degree standing positions so, you can stand in front of it, behind it or next to it.

Involve your friends to help you braai or cook something else since, you have all the space to do it because you are not restricted or forced to braai from one over crowded side only.

The legs and side tables can easily be disassembled using wing nuts and slide guides to the basic size of the fire tray for comfortable transportation purposes.

Maintenance is limited to keeping it clean and treating your moving parts with a little Spray and Cook.


  • Size 890 h x 470 w x 1150 long
  • 120 to 260mm height adjustment
  • 2 off 440 x 345 S Steel braai grids
  • 2 off loose grid support rails
  • Semi attached adjusting rails
  • 1 off Potjiekos hanger arm
  • 2 off detachable side tables
  • Detachable static legs
  • Detachable legs wit two wheels
  • Semi detachable spindle handle

Available in:

  • Black painted Mild Steel
  • Satin finished Stainless Steel


Handmade Steel Pans

We have designed and built our own spinning machine to spin pan profiles from as small as 100mm diameter to 360 mm diameter.

We are constantly developing different shapes and styles to suite bespoke requirements and we have recently started making certain lid sizes where we use copper handles to create a totally unique steel casserole.


The first wash is the most important wash… Wash thoroughly with warm water, a strong detergent and scouring pad to ensure that the temporary factory coated protective oil layer, is removed completely.

Thereafter, the golden rules are….

  • Wash gently with a soft sponge and oil very slightly before and after every use.
  • Gentle washing is important to protect the natural forming non-stick and corrosion protective layer. This protective layer will gradually darken over time as the pan ages. This is a good indication that the non-stick surface performance is also improving continuously.
  • Carbon Steel is considered amongst the safest and healthiest of cookware known.
  • The health safety aspects of non-stick Teflon coatings, Aluminium, Copper, Tin and Stainless steel on the other hand, are highly questionable.
  • Following the golden rule will ensure that, you have a friend for life.

The Bat Candle holder ~ A tribute to Batman ~

If it were not for potential copyright infringements, we would have called this very unique candle holder The Bat Man.

At Night it casts a Bat like Silhouette with red eyes on the ceiling that dances around as the flame moves around.

This amazing candle holder has a reflective slider shield mechanism that follows the burning wick all the way from the the beginning at the full length of the candle, to the bottom when it eventually burns out.

One typical standard candle can burn up to 10 hours long.

The reflective slider windshield reflects at least 4 more candle lights and always stays constant in relation to the candle Position . The reason for this phenomena is because the shield rests on the actual candle and lowers progressively as the the candle burns away.


  • The candle is supported both at the base and on top at the neck of the candle just below the flame. It is impossible for the candle to fall over.
  • The candle holder has a stable base to place on a counter top, it has a comfortable and sage hook for carrying around and a notch in the handle to wall mount on a nail.
  • LIGHT EFFICIENCY. The reflective stainless steel shield creates up to 4 x the amount of light because the  light is directed in a narrow beam and no light is wasted on dull walls behind the candle.
  • The reflective shield is also a windshield that keeps the candle flame stable. The unique tapered candle and wick design ensures full wax burning with hardly any wax waste and compared to a free standing candle the burning time is increased to around double the normal burning time period.
  • LIFE EXPECTATION. These units are fabricated in Gr 430 Stainless steel and should be everlasting!


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