Gates and doors.

We specialise in bespoke gates and doors that are tailor made to be completely unique in design.

We work with interior designers and architects as part of the design team to formulate the finalised and detailed design to ensure that all of the expectations that the client has, are well formulated and achieved with the end result.

There are an endless number of different designs and concepts that we get involved with from a design perspective.

The challenge is to realise a concept or design that is truly unique. Unique designs are becoming increasingly difficult as there is so much image exposure on google.

The challenges we enjoy is when a client, interior designer, architect and sometimes (very rarely) a structural engineer presents us with google images with regards to their likes and dislikes. With added comments:  This is our our taste and personal preferences however, we do not want to copy anything and require something that is truly unique and never done before.

When it is unique in all respects and a one of a kind we excel in offering alternatives on a reverse engineering basis. This way of approach has served us well in establishing truly unique designs for products, components and different projects.

If you can google an image, we can build, supply, fabricate and install it.

Our limits on quality and innovation are as far as you can stretch your imagination.