Why custom made furniture?

The purpose of making custom furniture is to be different, daring and bold. Being custom made ensure that there is only one of it and that it isn’t a mass production unit. The quality and standard is so much better when you invest in custom made furniture. Custom made furniture is original, solid and definitely what you wanted.

We at Wehmeyer Manufacturing are geared to offer any conceivable type or form of custom made furniture.

Given our hands-on, technical, practical and established engineering back ground, we are well suited to offer design concepts and products, that would have stood the test of time and have a timeless feel to it.

Custom furniture designs are expensive to achieve however, they would be a one of a kind, durable, stylish and an everlasting product.

Aesthetic designs, Bespoke, and Tailored requirements.

We are well poised within an immensely powerful and professional design team to offer our clients any type of design that will greatly suite their needs and expectations.