Cladding options as endless as the imagination can stretch

The purpose of cladding is to simulate something solid, original and to appear as much more than it actually is from an engineering perspective.

We at Wehmeyer Manufacturing are geared to offer any conceivable type or form of cladding with the emphasis of making cladding look and feel as close as possible to the real Mc Coy.

Given our hands-on, technical, practical and established engineering back ground, we are well suited to offer design concepts and products, that would also convince the educated and qualified eye, that they are looking at the real thing.

These type of designs are expensive to achieve however, they would typically be a fraction of the cost as opposed to thick and solid materials like cast steel locomotive carriages and solid plate riveted boiler vessels or heavy duty riveted mild steel structures like massive bridges, skyscrapers and heavy industrial plant and machinery or for that matter anything else that has been built and manufactured a few hundred years ago.

Aesthetic designs, Bespoke, and Tailored requirements.

We are well poised within an immensely powerful and professional design team to offer our clients any type of design that that will greatly improve the value of their property, be safe and comply to the national building regulations.

Different raw Materials that we can work with as follows

Our fabrication abilities include the processing of the following types of materials;

  • Carbon steel, Mild steel, copper, bronze, brass, aluminium, Stainless steel Grade 316, grade 304, grade 430, grade 444,
  • Hard woods and soft woods
  • Glass in safety glass, toughened glass, laminated glass in EVA laminated glass, PVB laminated glass, SGP laminated glass, Toughened and non-toughened monolithic glass.
  • Plastics like Acrylic or Perspex, PVC, Nylon, PE, HDPE, PU, etc.
  • Composite materials, Fibreglass, resins, epoxies, Polyurethane composite panels and nidi core honeycomb panels etc.

We can work with, process and fabricate any of the above by welding, fusion, soldering, bolting, bonding with hybrid adhesives, epoxies, resins, fibre glass, composites, riv-nut bolting, riveting induction welding, spot welding, Puddle welding etc. The sky is the limit with regards to unique, bespoke and tailored requirement that are not of the norm.