Did you know?

Balustrades are required by law to keep people safe and there are very strict rules that have to be followed before any balustrade system is deemed to be safe. Both owners, architects, engineers and installers can be criminally prosecuted in the event of injury or death that resulted from a inadequate design. Another profoundly serious matter is that the owners insurers may decline a payment claim if the building does not comply to the national building regulations.

Aesthetic designs, Bespoke, and Tailored requirements.

We are well poised within an immensely powerful and professional design team to offer our clients any type of design that will greatly improve the value of their property, be safe and comply to national building regulations.

Different raw Materials

Our fabrication abilities include the processing and finishing of the following types of materials;

  • Carbon steel, Mild steel,  copper,  bronze,  brass,  aluminium, Stainless steel Grade 316, grade 304, grade 430, grade 444,
  • Hard woods and soft woods
  • Glass in safety glass, toughened glass, laminated glass in EVA laminated glass, PVB laminated glass, SGP laminated glass, Toughened and non toughened monolithic glass.
  • Plastics like Acrylic or Perspex, PVC, Nylon, PE, HDPE, PU, etc.
  • Composite materials, Fibreglass, resins, epoxies, Polyurethane composite panels and nidi core honeycomb panels etc.