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Wehmeyer Manufacturing delivers to the highest level of expectation each time, every time. Since we started our company, we have provided superior customer service to our clients and have assisted them in achieving their goals on schedule and within budget.

Wehmeyer Manufacturing is a family business that offers a wide variety of services from minor domestic repairs to major automated bulk pallet conveying plant and equipment on a turn key basis from inception to final completion.

We are closely associated and directly involved with design, fabrication and final handover. We are also directly involved with a wide variety of clients, associates, designers, developers, engineers and innovating up market developers and architects and direct supply to corporate businesses on a daily basis.

We thrive on never done before concepts and NEW IDEAS. Our spirit of innovative concepts and new ways of design methods are very contagious and we invite people with a broader imagination and lust for the new and unknown to join forces with us on all levels of the construction industry.

We have a very powerful network in place that can offer all the ingenious design and manufacturing facilities that qualify for ingenuity, innovation and supreme entrepreneurial definitions.

Our consulting services include but are not limited to feasibility studies, market analysis, proof of concept, patent services, outsourcing, manufacturing and implementation.


The team is led by Paul Wehmeyer who has a wealth of knowledge in the designing, manufacturing and the installation field of just about any type of project, big or small and the company goal is to never have an unsatisfied client.

Each project starts differently as each project is unique.

Hand sketches, photos with detail, architectural drawings or plans are submitted for us to offer a well-informed quotation and once appointed a 3D proposal is put forward to the client for approval, whereupon manufacturing will begin and will being seen through to the satisfactory handover to the client with integrity.

In this day and age all companies are out to make money – sometimes not adhering to the strict building regulations, we however are steadfast in our commitment to offer safe and reliable services with the necessary compliance certificates from the relevant engineers.