Glass Testing. DID YOU KNOW?

Glass Testing. DID YOU KNOW?
Glass Testing. DID YOU KNOW?

All glass balustrades at a drop height of more than 1000 on the outside has to comply to the National Building regulations and signed off by a professional engineer or at least a Level 2 competent person.

This constitutes that every single different type of balustrade has to be tested independently by means of either a 200 or 400 joule impact test and much higher for public spaces before it can or will be certified as safe and in accordance to the National Building regulations.

It is blatantly obvious that a very large number of installers, architects, engineers, builders, building inspectors or home owners are not aware of this law,  or if it was actually certified correctly to satisfy rules.

All our balustrades are subjected to impact testing for both new and renovated homes and certified as compliant to regulations.

We are often requested to supply systems that we know are non-compliant because it is being done by so many others, albeit illegal.

There appears to be much confusion in general on the interpretation of the law however, we have chosen to ensure that all our work complies strictly to regulations by strictly adhering to our very competent experts and advisors.